Grabbing a Giggle with Erin Templeton

Posted on Dec 5, 2014 in Fashion Blog

Erin TempletonErin Templeton Q Erin Templeton is joyful! She seems to spend most of her time laughing. It is a preoccupation that doesn’t prevent her from producing a successful line of leather bags though. Sold across Canada and the US, her bags are melt-in-your-mouth sumptuous.  Erin was a true innovator when she began using recycled leather to make her back packs and totes  in the early 2000’s. Now it’s hard to find a retailer in Canada that isn’t selling her collection.  The sustainable element is part of the equation but it is the way her infectious laughter infuses into her aesthetic that is the true appeal of Erin Templeton’s handbags.

(Photos by Angela Fama)

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