Socially Responsible and Fashionable- Get into The Window

Posted on Mar 27, 2015 in Fashion Blog

The Window designer Katie¬†The Window is a social enterprise art and craft shop in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. Created, owned and operated by PHS Community Services Society, the shop is a treasure trove of amazing¬†Vancouver made craft. If you are looking for a gift it’s the place to go, but expect to spend at least an hour browsing through the collections of jewellery, gift cards, pottery and more. In addition to carrying locally made product, designer Katie Piasta makes aprons and bags on site at The Window. They sell in the shop but they also wholesale the aprons to local restaurants. It’s amazing how a little bit of style can make a big impact in the world.¬† (Photos by Angela Fama)The Window QFama-DesignerBank--5376Fama-DesignerBank--5417Fama-DesignerBank--5436Fama-DesignerBank--5394Fama-DesignerBank--5395Fama-DesignerBank--5424Fama-DesignerBank--5429Fama-DesignerBank--5393Fama-DesignerBank--5396Fama-DesignerBank--5433Fama-DesignerBank--5419

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