Pink Gargoyle’s Ornamental Style

Posted on Sep 9, 2015 in Fashion Blog

Pink Gargoyle Christine RioPink Gargoyle QPink Gargoyle collarPink Gargoyle braceletPink Gargoyl work stationPink Gargoyle machinePink Gargoyle pliersPink Gargoyle crowPink Gargoyle logoPink Gargoyle; it’s a contradiction, both pretty and gothic. Designer Christine Rio embraces this ambiguity in her collection of jewellery that is Victorian inspired and steam punk influenced. Amid a chaos of objects, she solders pieces of metal together under the watchful eye of one of many gargoyles that inhabit her studio and home. The result is jewellery with an organic and otherworldly quality. The stamp of her creativity extends to her paintings and, new interest, bookbinding. When you next see Pink Gargoyle at an artisan market you can expect her striking rings, bracelets, and necklaces to be accompanied by hand torn journals. And of course her smiling gargoyle Victor will be sitting pretty amongst the display.

Photos by Rafael Escobar




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