Fashion Capsule and Sarah Murray

famed-magazine, image by Peter Jensen Fashion Capsule is the authority on independent Vancouver fashion. I help emerging designers develop into successful businesses and let shoppers discover, shop and support local fashion.

Fashion Capsule (formerly The Honey Mustard) has been in business since November 2003. But my experiences with fashion and journalism began in 1996. Since then I’ve worked my way through titles such as reporter, editor, modelling agent, and stylist. It was while I was working as a freelance writer and boutique manager that Kate MacLennan, then Western Editor at Fashion Magazine, passed on contact info for Girl Fabulous Jewellery who needed a press release. I figured I could write anything and already had a media database so I simply turned “can I write this story for you?” into “I have a great story that you should write.”

The jewellery designer proceeded to hire me to do publicity for a market that received much coverage; this lead to Vancouver Fashion Week hiring me to do publicity for their show. Eager to break into the industry I lived at VFW that year; talking to the designers. The next season The Honey Mustard did publicity and fashion show coordination for VFW. Those two seasons introduced me to enough local designers to start my communications and fashion show production business.

Today, I work with local designers as a consultant and work on partnerships that strength the Vancouver fashion industry. As well, I am the Fashion  Co-Program Coordinator at the Vancouver Community College.

Fashion can sometimes be perceived as frivolous and superficial but I’ve found purpose in fashion. My passion as a Dress Local advocate led writer Steven Schelling to credit me with “helping to jump-start the local fashion boom.” Now my goal is to make that impact even bigger.